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How to use this source code

Download a change set

Please go to and download a change set. To use existing ones, go to
Notice: not all change set will be associated with a built, thus it is recommended you try it for yourself

To begin, here're the prerequisites:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • (Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or above if you need to open the .sln file)

Build your application

  • If you're running Microsoft Visual Studio, open the .sln file and directly press CTRL+F5
  • If you're running Windows without an IDE, you might need to consult usage for csc.exe

Start using application

  • Double click the application .exe file
  • You should now see a console window and a Window.
  • The console window is used for tracing the gesture of Glide
  • Drag the Window back and forth to activate different kinds of gestures.
  • Once any gesture is captured, it is displayed on the heading bar of the window, encompassed by green border.
  • The information associated with the gesture is reflected using .NET Reflection technology, so you can change the settings for this gesture. This is shown on the lower half of the screen.
  • The reflection status is shown in the Border with red border, any mistakes will be shown if the input in the reflection section is invalid.

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